Valerie incorporates breathing techniques with lengthening and strengthening yoga poses for a complete practice.


~Elizabeth Proctor

I really look forward to Valerie's yoga class. Her gentle touch and soothing voice allows me to go deeper within myself to attain total relaxation. It's awesome!

~Val Nicolaus

 In Valerie's class you can close your eyes and follow all of her movements as she describes each step in each position. No straining to peer around to see what you are suppose to be doing. This adds to the peacefulness of the experience. She offers slight variances for those wishing for a greater challenge, … Continue reading ~Barbara Penrose

~Barbara Penrose

Her calming voice is soothing, and helps you meditate in relaxation. She is adamant on never pushing the body too far, but will take you into more complicated positions as you progress. I enjoyed learning from Valerie. She is so attentive if needed, and she personally supports your body or limbs to help attain the … Continue reading ~Shea Struder-Willis

~Shea Struder-Willis

Yoga with Valerie is a very spiritual experience. I always feel very invigorated emotionally when the class is complete. The best part of her Yoga is that in her words "Let Yoga Meet You Where You Are At" she really helps you to meet your needs by the way she instructs. She is a wonderful teacher! 

~Diane DeVore-Kelly

Valerie is great as an instructor! Knowledgeable in yoga poses & diaphragmatic breathing, Valerie demonstrates poses skillfully as she goes through each asana with you. I leave the class feeling stronger and calmer, and more at peace in mind, and aware in spirit and body. Great flows!

~Leslie Byrd