Traditionally defined as a “comfortable seat” that is the seated posture used for meditation. Simply, the physical “pose” or “position” taken in yoga that is designed to help master the mind, spirit, and body, and enhance the body’s functions. *



Cobra/Bhujangasana, Poses, Asanas |
  • Cobra/Bhjangasana
    Place your hands palms down on the ground beneath your shoulders. Lift your chest up off the ground by straightening your arms. Gaze upwards and keep your abdomen engaged. For Cobra Pose, lie down on your abdomen and point your feet behind you.

– Strengthens Vertebral Column
– Stretches Abdomen, Thorax, Shoulder, & Lung
– Stimulates Digestion
– Increases Flexibility
– Elevates Mood
– Opens the Heart


Dancer/Natarajasana, Poses, Asanas | "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - THE BHAGAVAD GITA Join us as we explore, enhance, & balance self through Yoga. Yoga Poses * Yoga Classes * Yoga Quotes Summer & Fall in Crawford County, PA Winter & Spring in Pinellas County, Florida
  • Dancer/Natarajasana
    Put your weight on the left foot then bend your right knee & hold onto the inside of the right right ankle with your right hand. Lean forward, lifting your right knee. Press your foot/ankle into your hand to help open the back. Reach your left arm forward or up. Stay for 5 deep breaths & repeat on the other side.

    – Builds Full Body Strength
    – Stretches Abdomen, Thorax, Shoulder, & Lung
    – Enhances/Increases Flexibility
    – Increases Coordination & Balance
    – Strengthens Ankles, Thighs, and Abdomen
    – Opens the Shoulders, Chest, & Hips






Downward Facing Dog, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Poses, Asanas |
  • Downward-Facing Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana
    – Energizes & Rejuvenates the Entire Body
    – Strengthens Arms & Legs
    – Improves Digestion
    – A Great Overall Body Stretch
    – Decreases Back Pain/Sciatica
    – Can help with symptoms associated with sinuses, allergies, and asthma.
    – Improves Posture
    – Relieves neck & back pain, headaches
Lotus/Padma, Poses, Asanas |
  • Lotus/Padma
    – Opens Up the Hips
    – Stretches the Ankles and Knees
    – Calms the Brain
    – Increases Awareness & Attentiveness
    – Keeps the Spine Straight
    – Helps Develop Good Posture
    – Ease Menstrual Discomfort & Sciatica
    – Helps Keep Joints & Ligaments Flexible
    – Stimulates the Spine, Pelvis, Abdomen, & Bladder
    – Restores Energy Levels



*Caution should be taken with any new or challenging yoga poses, particularly if you have any history of previous injury. Please alert your yoga instructor to any history of injury you may have before attempting new yoga poses, so they may be modified if necessary. Proceed slowly and carefully. Never force or strain yourself into a new position; heed your own body.